How do I setup an add-on domain?


To setup an addon domain, you can follow these simple steps:


  1. First set the nameservers for the domain you wish to park, to ours. You should refer to your welcome email for the correct name servers. but they should be &
  2. Wait approximately 24-48 hours for the nameserver change to propagate
  3. Login to you cPanel, go to Domains > Addon Domains
  4. Enter the name of the new add-on domain into the first box
  5. Enter the name of the directory which contains the subdomain that the addon domain will point to in the blank field next to Subdomain/FTP Username: (This directory will be the location for the addon domain's files, just as public_html is the location for your primary domain's files)
  6. Type in the desired password for the new addon domain, and click on Add Domain



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